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From Olympic athletes to sunday morning dog walkers


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The world’s first 3-lead bipolar wearable stress electrocardiography (ECG) system 
Integrated into smart fitness tops | Keeping the heart safe for high achievers

The technology is smartly integrated into a HeartBit training top that is, available in two different styles (for men and women) and several colors with a full assortment of sizes.

The breathable, moisture-controlled fabrics of the HeartBit training tops are designed for active athletes, who run on a regular basis.

The HeartBit compact measurement device provides laboratory-like heart muscle analysis as well as vital environmental data during user performance.

Smart technology and AI that knows your heart and frees your mind.

The HeartBit mobile application is available in the AppStore and GooglePlay. Workout history, Quick Run and the Personal Trainer functions help users reach their desired goals under supervision.

Build your social network, compete with friends and achieve new rewards.

Send your cardiac report to your doctor with one click.

The Big Idea

Wearable full 3-lead STRESS ECG

HeartBit is the world’s first device capable of stress ECG monitoring that is available in a comfortable, wearable format that fits into a training top made of high-quality moisture-control fabrics.

Listen to your heart

HeartBit is a compact measurement device capable of recording and assessing a real-time medical-grade ECG that allows timely detection of arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation, and potential anomalies.

Personalized training based on scientific data

Enables a personalized training program based on the user’s current cardiac status.

Comparing the warmup ECGs with the previous session’s recovery phase, HeartBit provides status warnings and recommends a personalized training plan tailored to the desired goal.

smartest technology


Custom-developed AI algorithm detects, analyses and reacts to irregular heart beat patterns during sports activities


Continuous, real-time recording and medical assessment of ECG data


Tailor-made training plans according to cardiac status and desired goals


A combined hardware and software solution that filters all disturbing background noise, to provide the clearest possible signal for the algorithm

Sports Impact

The sports version of HeartBit recommends a personalized training planbased on real-time monitoring of the wearer’s heart, while warning of possible hidden heart disease, impacting…

– Profiessional sports
– Amatuer sports
– Individual training
– Team sports

“Recovery is an important metric! It’s shown in many studies that if the heart rate recovery is slow, that suggests the heart condition is not ideal and you need better conditioning.”

Dr. Eric Topol

Scripps Translational Science Institute, La Jolla, CA

“Athletes are not looking for an advisory coach; they need a portable doctor that measures vitals to a medical standard of precision.”

Mounir Zok

Director of Technology and Innovation, United States Olympic Committee

Healthcare Impact

The medical version of HeartBit (due Q2 2019) is ideal for patients recovering after a heart attack because it is able to provide a fully controlled, individual recovery program based on real-time data, impacting…

– Elderly care
People with heart disease
Corporate & industrial environments

High-stress work place

– Law enforcement
– Special forces
– Fire & rescue

Satisfied customers in the industrial health and risk management sectors:

The Team

Prof. Dr. György Kozmann

Inventor and Lead Developer

Professor Emeritus Dr. Gyorgy Kozmann has over 50 years of international scientific research experience in physics, biology and information technology. He graduated from the Technical University of Budapest with a degree in electrical engineering in 1964. After first working at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Professor Kozmann spent time at the Institut Laue-Langevin in Grenoble, France working under the direction of the Nobel Laureate Rudolf Mössbauer. Between 1986 and 1989 he was a researcher at the Nora Eccles Harrison Cardiovascular Research and Training Insitute of the University of Utah, together with the founders of the school of theoretical electrocardiography. He has been a professor in the Faculty of Information Technology at the University of Pannonia since 1994. Starting from 2011, Professor Kozmann has been leading the Health IT Research & Development Centre of the same university. He has extensive theoretical and practical bioengineeringexperience in body surface mapping and cardiac signal detection.

HeartBit specializes in the research & development of innovative cardiac medical devices. The management and product development team already have a track record of developing a healthcare device and successfully selling it to a strategic investor.

The Company collaborates closely with the Cardiac Bioelectric Imaging Research Laboratory at the Medical Informatics R&D Centre at the University of Pannonia in Veszprém, Hungary.

The HeartBit development team consists of 5 PhD members who complement each other in mechanical engineering, information technology and health sciences.

HeartBit and its founders hold the IP rights to a diversified portfolio of three novel medical devices, all of which address currently unmet needs in their respective target markets. In addition to the hardware, the key competitive advantage of these devices is the highly sophisticated algorithm developed over several decades of medical research. The devices are currently in “patent pending” status in the USA and Europe.

Other team members include:

Prof. Dr. Tamás Nagy
Head of Development

György Kozmann, Jr.
Head of Research & Development

Andras Patkai

Coming from a medical family, Andras has founded several big data and tech companies where medial device cybersecurity and digital noise filtering have played a crucial part.

He is member of the NATO Biometric Interoperability Workshop and is committed to see new data make healthcare more effective worldwide, assisting specialized research and feeding data into diagnostic AI systems, all made possible through groundbreaking healthcare devices developed by the Heartbit team.


HeartBit is a revolutionary wearable stress ECG monitoring device that is a compact, cost effective medical-grade solution for ECGmonitoring at home, at institutional healthcare facilities and in remote areas.

HeartBit is a 3-bipolar-lead ECG system integrated into a fitness top to provide laboratory-like heart muscle analysis. A custom-developed algorithm detects and provides warning signals about the heart’s stress level during warm up, activity (stress) and recovery states, using an EASI electrode configuration.

Stress ECG monitoring

HeartBit is capable of real-time medical grade ECG monitoring in rest, stress and recovery states, not just heart rate detection.

It is uniquely capable of performing monitoring during stress that traditional systems can only achieve in the resting state.

Proprietary algorithm

HeartBit’s novel algorithm is able to diagnose the symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest, stroke and ischemia and provide immediate warning to the individual – a potentially life saving feature.

2000x more measurements

HeartBit takes measurements at a sampling rate of 2000 Hz per electrode, which means 6000 data points per second in total. Competing devices measure only one or two data points per second, making HeartBit much more accurate, by obtaining a 3D-view of the heart’s surface.


Real-time evaluation

HeartBit contains a risk-analysis algorithm, which is capable of diagnosing ischemia and the elevated risk of sudden cardiac death and stroke, providing immediate warning to the user during physical exercise.

Clearest possible signals

The combined hardware and software solution permits the separation of disturbing noises and valuable inputs from the heart, the muscles and the outside environment – providing the clearest possible signal for the algorithm.

Simultaneous ECG and heart valve measurements

The device is a ground-breaking 21st century variant of the traditional stethoscope and fulfils an unmet need for general practitioners and other medical service providers who do not have access to expensive cardiological testing systems. It enables digitalized ECG with corresponding heart tone measuring in a compact, cost-effective device.

The HeartBit solution (patent pending) indicates the health level of users’ heart muscle by real-time monitoring, recording and analysis of ECG signals – in order to avoid over-stress and undesired heart disease during most physical activities.

The HeartBit system is able to measure ECG data from the wearable 3-lead system with 4 electrodes. Through mathematical transformation using a custom algorithm, the HeartBit system provides users or medical staff with data accuracy equivalent to a 12-lead ECG system.


From Olympic athletes to sunday morning dog walkers



HeartBitFit Kit includes a sensor device with charger, a fitness top, and a mobile app for sports.

Further fitness tops may be ordered

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